20 December 2008

Snow Day!

Snow day! The words just aren't the same as they were in grade school. Then it was a stolen day, somehow illicit in the joys it brought. Outside for as long as you could stand it. Wind burned cheeks, numb fingers, a day spent throwing snowballs and sledding down every hill you could drag your sled up. Now it is chaining up the car, questioning if you really need to be out driving, and worrying about the other fools out on the road with you. But somehow the snow always refreshes my spirit a little bit. The clean slate it lays down over the landscape, hiding all the imperfections just seems to beg for a set of bootprints to be impressed upon it. Cold, crisp, new. Snow can turn the city into a small wild place worthy of a hike. Yes, the snow is good. Here are a few pics from my little hike down by the river this evening.

1 comment:

  1. AT our house...we yell at the top of our lungs...snow day, snow day.....It really is just like back in grade school. The best part of the day is the warm nap after getting too cold in the snow. Cheers