21 December 2008

An explanation and mission statement

Welcome to Rick's Virtual Bar and Grill. Hello all who may come along and encounter this wonderous place of, uhm, wonders, I guess. This is the home of my random thoughts. Outside of that, I make no promises. This is the first step in an endeavor to become more creative in my everyday life. It seems these days that bad news is everywhere, so I am striving to counter this turn of events with some goodness, some fun, a distinct lack of seriousness, and who knows what-all. Here I will try to regularly post something of a creative nature, whether that be an essay, a short story, bits and pieces of a novel or two, some photos, or even some audio in the future. I may use this as a repository for ideas I think could be cool. If I can interest anyone, I may use this space for a book club of sorts. I will make recommendations on books, podcasts, music, and many other things. I will be silly, probably be overly sentimental (see the boots post), and may not make sense from time to time. But I hope to be entertaining every once in a while, maybe. So welcome, feel free to check back often and raise a virtual toast. Pass along the link to anyone who may be interested. Post a comment or critique if you like. Send me your links to your own creative projects. If nothing else, we could all be so busy creating things, we could forget to worry about the real world!! Thanks for stopping by, and I hope to see you back again soon.

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